Pack ITV KN FAP Regenerator

Pack ITV KN FAP Regenerator. Professional decarbonisation of a clogged FAP. 

Professional decarbonisation of a Particulate Filter in degradation mode (without regeneration).

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This video explains how to regenerate a clogged Fap with the KN ITV Kit.




1 – Mix the Kn-cleaner FAP 250 ml with 750 ml water.

2 – Disconnect the 2 hoses from the FAP pressure sensor.

3 – Inject the mixture using a pneumatic tool into the pressure hose at the FAP inlet and let it act for 20/30 minutes.

4 – Start the engine in the open air or by means of an exhaust gas extractor and let it run at 2 000 rpm. Plug the inlet hose with a screw and a clamp.

5 – Blow out with the air gun and reassemble the 2 hoses and clear the faults using the code scannery.

6 – Add 250 ml of Eco 10.000 Diesel to the tank with 25 litres of diesel.

7 – Then drive the vehicle on the road, in forced regeneration mode, with the scanner connected and the mechanic on board.

8 - Once the vehicle can be driven in non-degradation mode, return to the workshop to disconnect the scanner. From then on, the driver must follow the workshop's instructions on how best to drive the vehicle (this may vary depending on the make and model) until the reserve is reached. This means tha the engine, as long as the fuel is not exhausted, should be exceptionally revved, above 2,500 / 3,500 rpm, preferably on the motorway or motorway, to help the Eco 10,000 to finish evacuating the carbon from the FAP through exhaust.

9 – It is recommended to use a double dose of C 99 Diesel at each fill-up, in order to protect the FAP and to avoid sludge and bacteria in the tank, as well as to save fuel.

The FAP Kn-cleaner treatment should only be carried out by a professional.

Eco 10,000 on the road for the driver.

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