Satisfied or refunded

Satisfied or refunded

Savings Pack decarbonization : C 99 250 ml and Eco 10 000 250 ml

Successful control of pollutant gases ITV

EGR valve decarbonization

Decarbonization of the particulate pollutant filter (FAP)

Decarbonization of a particulate filter, seen from inside, before and after

If after using a bottle of Eco 10 000 250 ml and another bottle of C 99 that treats up to 1 000 liters of fuel on the road, or 500 kms on a city circuit, within the corresponding range of use, together with the decarbonizing treatment of Mecarun, (see specific page), your vehicle must pass the same technical control again, and/or have replaced the EGR valve or the FAP, in which case Mecarun will reimburse the money* of the Saving and Decarbonization Pack consisting of C 99 250 ml and Eco 10 000 250 ml, depending on the following conditions:

* The vehicle must be equipped with a clean air filter, in addition to a very recent diesel filter.

*Condition only valid for orders placed online on our website or through one of our points of sale, discounting shipping costs.

* Have a receipt of the products and the invoice of the FAP EGR valve that has been replaced or a copy of the new rejection by the itv, due to an excessive level of polluting gases.

Here are some tips for EGR valve decarbonization

Here is the decarbonization advice page Particulate Matter Filter (PAF)

Here testimoniom anti-pollution ITV

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Decarbonization of a particulate filter, seen from the inside, before and after.


FAPavantnettoyage3 FAPavantsnettoyage1
Photo FAP with pre-treatment charcoal Photo FAP with pre-treatment charcoal
FAPavantvuesonde FAPapresnettoyage1
View of the FAP before disassembly. Ignition probe view View of the filter after a single filling with Eco 10 000 + C 99
FAPapresnettoyage2 FAPapresnettoyage3
FAP appetite after treatment with C99 + Echo 10.000
FAPavantnettoyage5 307_2003_FAP_2L_HDI_208_000_kms_web
 Frame failure alert view The vehicle: Peugeot 307 FAP year 2003 with 208.000 km

FAP decarbonization or EGR valve,

Successful control of pollutant gases ITV ->

Satisfied or reimbursed


Galichet C5 HDI 173 Ch web Galichet C5 compteur web



Citroën C 5 Diesel Bi-turbo with FAP 176 300 Km, no carbon in the FAP. Ninguna recarga de AdBlue. Testimonial about the treatment of my Citroën C5 Exclusive 2.2 HDI 173 Ch, Bi-Turbo engine:
I bought this vehicle second hand with 96 000 Kilometers at the beginning of 2008.
Since then I treat it with C99 on every fill up from time to time with P18. At the beginning of 2012, this vehicle already has 176 300 Kilometers and still with the same original FAP. I never had the need to add AdBlue. I have never had the Fap failure light come on again either. At 4 years old.
At 4 years, the reading of the pollutant gases in the ITV shows very low levels, of the order of less than 0.3 points on the opacimeter. I now intend to give it Eco 10,000 at the next fill-up. Needless to say, I will continue to use P18 at every oil change.
Bruno Galichet


No more money going down the drain in the form of carbon and pollution.


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