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The function of C 99 Gasoline Saving

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C 99 Fuel savings

C 99 modifies the surface tension of the fuel molecules (carbon chain type C6) to obtain a larger contact surface with oxygen and a homogeneous distribution of the oxidant/fuel mixture, resulting in better combustion and improved operating parameters of thermal engines.

C 99 increases the speed of the air/fuel mixture  at all engine speeds, hot or cold.  The gas mixture is much more homogeneous at ignition, accelerating the rate of combustion and converting all the fuel into energy. The pollutant gas meters show an incredible decrease of up to 4 times in the Hc and Co measurements.

C 99 petrol also acts as an anti-friction agent, repelling adhesion or contact. C 99 Petrol repels deposits of gums and lacquers which cause fouling of the fuel tank and injectors, as well as depleting the fuel and causing possible seizures in the injection system (see photo). In fact, C99 prevents the accumulation of carbon deposits from depleted petrol or diesel fuel in the engine.

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C 99 Gasoline repels ether and ethanol aggression (powerful detergent) (see damage to pipes and seals).

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C 99 Gasoline's anti-friction paper is an addition to its main function of burning your fuel in the best possible way and reducing pollutants to a minimum (see the analysis on a certified test bench).

The anti-friction and anti-seize function of C99 Petrol will maintain its protective role for the injectors and injection pump right up to the fire segment.

Euro 3 and Euro 4 standards : The new motorbikes with Euro 3 standards are designed to run on poor fuels, which makes them susceptible to fouling of the lambda sensor or loss of charge in the injection pump and in turn to friction caused by ethanol, corrosion or residues such as water, alcohols, lacquers and rubbers. This is the cause of micro fuel cuts. With C 99 petrol, your engine will run like clockwork and the lambda sensor will stay clean, whether in cars, marine, ultralight aircraft, 2-stroke or 4-stroke engines.

With C 99 Gasoline the engine becomes silent , by even suppressing the detonations of badly burnt fuel in the exhaust.

Fuel storage : The excellent qualities of C 99 Gasoline make it possible to compensate for the drop in octane and energy efficiency of petrol for months. The dosage of C99 can be increased in petrol that has been stored for too long. The armed forces can keep petrol in storage for up to 5 years by protecting it with an anti-corrosion agent.

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C 99 reduces Co² emissions and fuel consumption: see our testimonials pages for fuel consumption and pollutant gas savings. The fuel, carbon and pollutant gases that C99 reduces translates into money that is no longer going out of your car's exhaust. Not only that, you will save on breakdowns and maintenance by keeping your engine components in good condition.

C 99 petrol avoids the consequences of electrolytic charging  which attacks the metals in the injection pump and injectors and the carburettor. Methyl tert-butyl ether or MTBE is an organic compound with formula C5H12O. It is a colourless, volatile, flammable liquid ether that is not miscible in water.

C99 ahorra gasolina

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C 99 Petrol : treats up to 1 000 litres for only 20 €uro

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Petrol Anti-Carbon Pack : Eco 10 000 + C 99 Petrol

If you are not satisfied, we will refund your money.*

*If after using a bottle of Eco 10 000 250 ml or C 99 which treats up to 1 000 litres of fuel or a Mecarun decarbonisation treatment (see corresponding page), In this case, Hi-Tec International will reimburse* your bottle of C 99 250 ml or Eco 10 000 250 ml. * In this case, the vehicle must be fitted with a clean air filter and a fresh diesel filter. * Condition valid only for online orders or orders placed through an authorised sales outlet, for one bottle only and without postage and packaging.
* You must have the purchase invoice and, if applicable, the invoice for the replacement of the EGR or FAP, as well as a copy of the rejection of the pollutant gas control from the MOT.



 Customer testimonial (From Mr Gilles)
yamaha YR5 with 30000 KM
Consumption without C99 : 7 Litres
Consumption with C99: 6 Litres
Comment : Circulo with C99 in my car and my motorbike

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C 99 y los híbridos

C99 lowers consumption during engine start-up and prevents carbon build-up (see anti-pollution testimonials).

Toyota Hybrid de Hi-Tec

Hybrid and Stop and Start vehicles benefit from fuel savings and pollution reduction with C 99 and are protected from wear and tear by the anti-friction P18..

1 gram of petrol burned generates 3.09 grams of CO2 x mass of petrol = 2.28 kg of CO2 per litre of petrol burned. 2228 gr / 120 gr = 19 km per litre of petrol with a fuel consumption of 5 litres/100 km.

Catalyst, pollution and C 99 : reduction of Co², HC et CO Function of the catalyst : Oxidises carbon monoxide and converts them into carbon dioxide : 2CO + O2 = 2CO2....  Result:

C 99 reduces CO emissions up to 4 times and keeps the lambda probe always clean and provides excellent engine running parameters : See report XMAX Yamaha and other petrol vehicles on the Mecarun anti-pollution page. Oxidation of unburned hydrocarbons (HC) into carbon dioxide and water : 4CxHy + (4x+y)O2 = 4xCO2 + 2yH2O :

Sonde Lambda XMAX Sonde lambda3 sonde lambda2
C 99 allows not to carbonise the probe lambda Regulation of the injection pump flow rate.

C 99 reduces HC and CO emissions by up to 4 times (see XMAX Yamaha and other petrol vehicles report on the Mecarun anti-pollution page). The catalytic converter is only effective above 400°C, which may explain its lack of effectiveness on short journeys where the engine does not have time to warm up sufficiently.

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Oxidation reactions, which require a large supply of oxygen, and réduction reactions, which require little oxygen, are opposites. They only occur simultaneously if the quantity of air in relation to the fuel reaches its optimum value. This is the function of the lambda sensor, which transmits the collected data to the engine management computer.  C 99 allows the lambda sensor to be kept clean and operational at all times.

C 99 Gasoline 100 ml : treats up to 400 litres of gasoline

C 99 petrol 250 ml : treats up to 1.000 litres of petrol

Available in Spain

Safety data sheet available at : Mecarun.es

Also available in 1-litre bottles and 5, 30, 60 and 210-litre drums.

Mecarun C 99 is an additive designed to save fuel.

The not inconsiderable fuel savings and lower pollutant emissions achieved with Mecarun are the key factor in reducing environmental pollution in your car, motorbike, truck, construction machinery, marine, tractor and agricultural machinery.

Le C 99 reduces carbon build-up in the EGR valve, the FAP (Particulate Filter). It means ecology, preservation of the environment, disappearance of carbon and black smoke, success in the control of polluting gases, reduction of water, bacteria and sludge in the fuel tank.

Mecarun proves to be the benchmark in terms of consumption reduction and energy saving. The leader for heating oil savings (fuel oil), for motorbikes, for increasing torque and power, for competition and speed circuits. Your engine will be worthy of a formula 1.

Mecarun means eco-driving, environmental preservation, reliability, anti-friction, internal engine cleanliness, diesel from major distributors or oil companies. Le C 99 petrol or diesel and eco 10,000 reduce maintenance costs, regenerate the F.A.P and EGR, reduce consumption in cold or hot engine. With Mecarun, you will be satisfied.

C 99 Petrol for all gasolines

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