5 – Engine flush – engine cleaner before oil change – cleans the rings

Pide Engine Flush

- Clean the engine lubrication circuit before the oil change, including turbo, camshaft, tappets, rings and their housings.

- Clean the inside of the gearbox prior to the oil change.

- Raises compressions after decarbonising rings and stops combustion gases escaping from rings into crankcase.

- Cleans gears, synchroniser and gearbox fork.

- For use in diesel engines from 50,000 to 500,000 km.

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Engine completely sludged before being treated with Engine Flush

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The same engine after cleaning with Engine Flush

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Instructions for use engine cleaning :

- With the engine warm, add 10% Engine Flush to the old oil before draining.
- Start the engine and let it idle for 10 to 15 minutes, as required, without moving the car.
- Drain immediately and replace the oil filter. Fill with new oil and provide 250 ml volume for P18, if used (recommended).

Instructions for use for gearboxes

- Add 10 % Engine Flush according to oil volume (drain the equivalent volume of oil beforehand).
- Run for 70 / 100 km (can be in several sections or days).
- Drain when warm.
- Add P 18 (recommended) together with the new oil.

Technical data sheet instructions for use

Modern oils have evolved considerably and the waiting time before changing the oil has become longer. After changing the oil, there are always traces of oxidised oil, carbon deposits and abrasive materials.

If new oil is added without first cleaning the circuit, it is the same as not using the oil filter.  If it is not cleaned with Engine Flush beforehand, the oil turns black immediately, especially in a diesel engine.

The rings are like fingernails in the engine, scraping off debris and causing more and more compression loss, causing more and more combustion gases to pass into the crankcase and, due to excess pressure, back up, drawing oil into the intake breather, where it will build up.

The intake valves will then build up carbon deposits, slowing down the air flow. Even if the air flow decreases, the injection pump will continue to maintain the same flow rate, so more and more carbon (from unburned fuel) will build up in the rings and continue to foul the intake even more and build up more and more carbon in the engine. It's like the fish biting its own tail.

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Do not hesitate to ask your mechanic to clean the oil circuit with Mecarun Engine Flush before changing the oil.

It is also recommended for the gearbox (manual or automatic) and the transmission bridge. Your mechanic can also do this for you.

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It is necessary to replace the oil filter after using Engine Flush. We recommend pouring a 500 ml bottle of MECARUN Engine Flush prior to the oil change and running the engine at idle for 10 / 15 minutes, depending on how dirty the engine is.

Engine Flush is compatible with any type of oil, whether mineral or synthetic, petrol, diesel or LPG.  There is no danger to the engine or catalytic converter.

It is recommended not to use Engine Flush in petrol engines with more than 150 000 km or high oil consumption.

Can be used on gearboxes by a professional. Please contact us at

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