Satisfied or refunded

Satisfied or refunded

Savings Pack decarbonization : C 99 250 ml and Eco 10 000 250 ml

Successful control of pollutant gases ITV

EGR valve decarbonization

Decarbonization of the particulate pollutant filter (FAP)

Decarbonization of a particulate filter, seen from inside, before and after

If after using a bottle of Eco 10 000 250 ml and another bottle of C 99 that treats up to 1 000 liters of fuel on the road, or 500 kms on a city circuit, within the corresponding range of use, together with the decarbonizing treatment of Mecarun, (see specific page), your vehicle must pass the same technical control again, and/or have replaced the EGR valve or the FAP, in which case Mecarun will reimburse the money* of the Saving and Decarbonization Pack consisting of C 99 250 ml and Eco 10 000 250 ml, depending on the following conditions:

* The vehicle must be equipped with a clean air filter, in addition to a very recent diesel filter.

*Condition only valid for orders placed online on our website or through one of our points of sale, discounting shipping costs.

* Have a receipt of the products and the invoice of the FAP EGR valve that has been replaced or a copy of the new rejection by the itv, due to an excessive level of polluting gases.

Here are some tips for EGR valve decarbonization

Here is the decarbonization advice page Particulate Matter Filter (PAF)

Here testimoniom anti-pollution ITV

Here, fuel saving testimonial


Decarbonization of a particulate filter, seen from the inside, before and after.


FAPavantnettoyage3 FAPavantsnettoyage1
Photo FAP with pre-treatment charcoal Photo FAP with pre-treatment charcoal
FAPavantvuesonde FAPapresnettoyage1
View of the FAP before disassembly. Ignition probe view View of the filter after a single filling with Eco 10 000 + C 99
FAPapresnettoyage2 FAPapresnettoyage3
FAP appetite after treatment with C99 + Echo 10.000
FAPavantnettoyage5 307_2003_FAP_2L_HDI_208_000_kms_web
 Frame failure alert view The vehicle: Peugeot 307 FAP year 2003 with 208.000 km

FAP decarbonization or EGR valve,

Successful control of pollutant gases ITV ->

Satisfied or reimbursed


Galichet C5 HDI 173 Ch web Galichet C5 compteur web



Citroën C 5 Diesel Bi-turbo with FAP 176 300 Km, no carbon in the FAP. Ninguna recarga de AdBlue. Testimonial about the treatment of my Citroën C5 Exclusive 2.2 HDI 173 Ch, Bi-Turbo engine:
I bought this vehicle second hand with 96 000 Kilometers at the beginning of 2008.
Since then I treat it with C99 on every fill up from time to time with P18. At the beginning of 2012, this vehicle already has 176 300 Kilometers and still with the same original FAP. I never had the need to add AdBlue. I have never had the Fap failure light come on again either. At 4 years old.
At 4 years, the reading of the pollutant gases in the ITV shows very low levels, of the order of less than 0.3 points on the opacimeter. I now intend to give it Eco 10,000 at the next fill-up. Needless to say, I will continue to use P18 at every oil change.
Bruno Galichet


No more money going down the drain in the form of carbon and pollution.


pollution Gaz d'échappement Bouton "Interdiction Gros 4x4 Polluants"

5 – Engine flush – engine cleaner before oil change – cleans the rings

Pide Engine Flush

- Clean the engine lubrication circuit before the oil change, including turbo, camshaft, tappets, rings and their housings.

- Clean the inside of the gearbox prior to the oil change.

- Raises compressions after decarbonising rings and stops combustion gases escaping from rings into crankcase.

- Cleans gears, synchroniser and gearbox fork.

- For use in diesel engines from 50,000 to 500,000 km.

Order Engine Flush here 

Order ITV Lubrication Pack

Engine completely sludged before being treated with Engine Flush

2014-09-03 18.20.53

The same engine after cleaning with Engine Flush

2014-09-12 16.39.12

Instructions for use engine cleaning :

- With the engine warm, add 10% Engine Flush to the old oil before draining.
- Start the engine and let it idle for 10 to 15 minutes, as required, without moving the car.
- Drain immediately and replace the oil filter. Fill with new oil and provide 250 ml volume for P18, if used (recommended).

Instructions for use for gearboxes

- Add 10 % Engine Flush according to oil volume (drain the equivalent volume of oil beforehand).
- Run for 70 / 100 km (can be in several sections or days).
- Drain when warm.
- Add P 18 (recommended) together with the new oil.

Technical data sheet instructions for use

Modern oils have evolved considerably and the waiting time before changing the oil has become longer. After changing the oil, there are always traces of oxidised oil, carbon deposits and abrasive materials.

If new oil is added without first cleaning the circuit, it is the same as not using the oil filter.  If it is not cleaned with Engine Flush beforehand, the oil turns black immediately, especially in a diesel engine.

The rings are like fingernails in the engine, scraping off debris and causing more and more compression loss, causing more and more combustion gases to pass into the crankcase and, due to excess pressure, back up, drawing oil into the intake breather, where it will build up.

The intake valves will then build up carbon deposits, slowing down the air flow. Even if the air flow decreases, the injection pump will continue to maintain the same flow rate, so more and more carbon (from unburned fuel) will build up in the rings and continue to foul the intake even more and build up more and more carbon in the engine. It's like the fish biting its own tail.

C99e06 fumée

Do not hesitate to ask your mechanic to clean the oil circuit with Mecarun Engine Flush before changing the oil.

It is also recommended for the gearbox (manual or automatic) and the transmission bridge. Your mechanic can also do this for you.

Order the lubrication treatment pack here

It is necessary to replace the oil filter after using Engine Flush. We recommend pouring a 500 ml bottle of MECARUN Engine Flush prior to the oil change and running the engine at idle for 10 / 15 minutes, depending on how dirty the engine is.

Engine Flush is compatible with any type of oil, whether mineral or synthetic, petrol, diesel or LPG.  There is no danger to the engine or catalytic converter.

It is recommended not to use Engine Flush in petrol engines with more than 150 000 km or high oil consumption.

Can be used on gearboxes by a professional. Please contact us at

3 – Eco 10,000 anti-carbon EGR valve and FAP

Order Eco 10,000 diesel here

Order Eco 10.000 Petrol here

Bottle delivered with movable nozzle

EGR valve decarbonising  (instructions for use).

Decarbonised particulate filter (FAP) (instructions for use).

Passing the gas control at the ITV (MOT)  (instructions for use).

Degreasing of the injection system (consult).

Eco 10.000 is an effective anti-freeze for extreme cold diesel 125 ml for 50 litres, add more if necessary.

Capable of dissolving fuel residues, dirt and carbon deposits up to 400 times its weight under pressure. 

Induces charcoal combustion (FAP and EGR valve).

Radically reduces contamination (success with MOT gases).

Absorbs water up to 15% of its volume.

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Incredible video of engine decarbonisation and EGR valve, with pollutant gas control on an approved bench.

Dosage :

Automobile  : 250 ml of eco 10.000 in 50 litres + 15 ml of C 99 to remove condensed water from the reservoir

Trucks :  2.5 litres for 500 litres of diesel every 30 000 kms.

Agriculture : 0.5 litre for 100 litres of agricultural diesel or fuel oil

Marina : 0,5 litre for 100 litres. - public works machinery : 0.5 litre for 100 litres.

Motoculture and gardening : 50 ml for 10 litres of petrol

Cleaning : gentle action in tanks and vats, very efficient and powerful under pressure (injection)

Removes condensed water in the tank.

Reminder:  The compression of the diesel by the pump and its use as a coolant causes a very high rise in temperature.  The excess diesel returns very hot to the tank, where it reheats the rest of the fuel and generates condensation and water accumulation, with the consequent accumulation of mud that will end up being harmful to the engine.
Eco 10 000 absorbs water up to 15 % of its volume, making it the best solution for extreme cold.

Bacteriostatic (antibacterial) action.


Weekly monitoring of the evolution of the decarbonisation of an EGR valve in a Seat Inca.  

Decarbonising of the FAP and EGR valve : Add one Eco 10 000 250 ml + 15 ml of C 99 for 25 / 30 litres of fuel), Perform decarbonisation on the road for 70 / 100 km at cruising speed and slightly higher rpm.

If you are not satisfied, we will refund your money*. 

**If, after using a bottle of Eco 10 000 250 ml or C 99 that treats up to 1 000 litres of fuel or  a Mecarun decarbonisation treatment (see the corresponding page), you have to pass the ITV test again, replace the EGR valve or FAP particulate filter: In this case Hi-Tec International will reimburse* your bottle of C 99 250 ml or Eco 10 000 250 ml. * In this case, the vehicle must be fitted with a clean air filter and a fresh diesel filter. * Condition valid only for online orders or orders placed through an authorised sales outlet, for one bottle only and without postage and packaging.
* You must have the purchase invoice and, if applicable, the invoice for the replacement of the EGR or FAP, as well as a copy of the rejection of the pollutant gas control from the ITV.

Technical specifications

Removes condensed water from the fuel tank.

Bacteriostatic (antibacterial) action.

Degreasing of injection pump and injectors

Degreasing of an injection system with Mecarun Eco 10,000 diesel in just a few minutes. As the pump is not able to suck the diesel oil in an on-site operation, additional inlet pressure is applied with a pump in series. Eco 10,000 is capable of dissolving dirt up to 400 times its weight. Eco 10,000 does not sting the tappets, as its flash point is higher than that of diesel.

Decarbonisation of a particulate filter. Before and after treatment.

Your best friend for the winter: Eco 10 000 Diesel

Eco 10 000 : prevents the water in the tank from freezing.

Oil companies are often wrongly blamed for the poor quality of extreme cold diesel fuel when it is treated with paraffin waxes to prevent freezing.

In reality, the problem is caused by condensed water which, when it freezes, makes it difficult for fuel to enter the engine's fuel system.

Reminder:  As the diesel oil is compressed by the injection pump and used as a heat sink, it reaches a high temperature before being returned to the tank where, due to the temperature shock effect, condensed water is generated and where the fungi and bacteria responsible for the sludge which reduces the calorific value of the fuel and ultimately damages the engine, breed.
Eco 10 000 absorbs up to 15 % of the water volume. It is the best solution to prevent extreme cold.

Solution for not having the vehicle blocked during extreme cold:

125 ml for 50 litres of €co 10.000 diesel (if necessary, increase the dosage).

Another important function of Eco 10.000 Diesel is that it prevents the build-up of bacteria and sludge in the tank, cleans the injectors and the injection pump, decarbonises the engine, the fap and the EGR valve.

Super economical: available in 250 ml and in 1, 5, 30, 60 and 210 litres.

ASave on replacement of EGR valve (400 to 600 €) or FAP particulate filter (800 to 1500 €) ** Si    If you are not satisfied we will refund your money (see conditions).  Successful MOT test: up to 60 % below the maximum permissible reading: If you are not satisfied we will refund your money (see conditions) Dscf0030
EEco 10.000 Diesel -- Eco 10.000 Petrol
Lubricates injectors and injection pump

Cleans injection and carburettor systems

Isolates bacteria from diesel fuel (see bottom of page).

Watch the video Eco 10 000 injector degreasing on friction bench

Use every 10,000 km or at the beginning of winter

Treatment of multifunctional fuel systems in 2-stroke and 4-stroke petrol engines, diesel engines and injection systems

Protects the fuel, injection and carburettor systems, tank, lines, valves and combustion chamber by removing impurities and combustion residues, carbon, gums and varnishes, as well as paraffins and oxidised oil in the breather.

sonde1_gaz_echappement Sonde lambda3

Modern engines with electronic management are more sensitive and more easily misadjusted. Imperfect combustion leads to acceleration gaps, excess fuel consumption, loss of power, black smoke and environmental pollution.

A charred EGR valve and a clogged Fap (particulate filter) are the most immediate and visible consequences.

sonde lambda2Planète terre végétale

It's up to you not to let the money go down the drain.

Eco 10 000 every 10 000 kms or before passing the MOT: clean the injection system, valves, turbo, intake, EGR, air and lambda sensors, etc...

C99e06 fumée

Eco 10 000 solves severe carbonisation. Regular use of C 99 helps to keep the engine clean and achieves significant fuel savings.

Eco 10 000 removes condensed water from the tank.

V8 supercharged car engine and spanner

Eco 10 000 saves maintenance operations

Before cleaning with Eco 10.000 After cleaning with Eco 10,000



Extreme cold diesel oil : see Eco 10 000 solution

In order for the Mecarun anti-cryptogam to come into contact with the (oval) bacteria and isolate them, it is necessary to fractionate the water by mixing the Eco 10,000 with the fuel in the tank.

Order here Diesel Decarboniser ITV Pack

Order here ITV Gasoline Decarboniser Pack

4 – P 18 engine anti-friction – tourism and competition gearbox

- Metal surface treatment for engines, gearboxes, bridges and gearboxes.

- Treats all metal surfaces subject to friction.

- Surface treatment for all engine lubrication, power steering, manual and automatic gearboxes, bearings and chains.

- Treats all metal surfaces subject to friction in hydraulics, industry, machining and renewable energies.


Order ITV Lubrication Pack

Order here P18 Antifriction





Operation of P 18

- Ensures anti-wear function and high pressure lubrication, before the creation of the oil film.
- Dramatically reduces engine wear during start-up (the first 500-1000 rpm).
- Reduces ring vibrations and increases compression.
- Extends the life of mechanical parts

- Hyperlubrication of rings, cylinders, piston shaft, turbo, connecting rod, connecting rod bearing, bearing, camshaft, camshaft and hydraulic lifters.

- Hyperlubrication of bearings and teeth in gearboxes and bridges.

- Anti-breakage and anti-wear treatment for racing engines (see dosage).


More pleasant driving

Metering for 4-stroke engines

4 % of the oil volume or 10 % of the engine displacement (competition 6%).
At the following oil changes: 1/2 dose only.

Metering for 2-stroke engines

2 % of the volume of the 2-stroke oil (e.g. 20 ml of P 18 in one litre of 2-stroke oil).

Dosage for gearbox oil, bridges, gearboxes, gearboxes

4 % of the volume of the oil (competition 6 %).

Metering for hydraulic oil (public works, agriculture ...).

2 % of the volume of the oil

Other applications

- Degreasing and treatment of injectors and injection pumps (4% at the inlet of the feed circuit).
- Machining and numerical control (use in cutting oil or direct application).
- Surface treatment on metal, wood or stone cutting tools (drills and cutting discs).

Order the ITV Pack engine and gearbox lubrication here

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Available in 150 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml, 1 litre, 5 litres, 30, 60 and 210 litres.

Since 1998. The P 18 Méca-run never ceases to amaze motoring professionals.

P 18 reduces wear on cold starts

Reduces hoop vibrations and increases compressions
Extends the life of the engine, gearbox, power steering, reduction gears and transmission bridge.

Mecarun P18 es el único tratamiento         antidesgaste  de superificie del metal.

P 18 in competition

P 18 : Híbridos y Stop and Start 

Hybrid vehicles and those equipped with the Stop and Start have great advantages when operating with P18

Toyota Hybrid de Hi-TecEngines always generate more carbon at start-up. C 99 limits these effects in new or older vehicles and contributes to lower fuel consumption (see anti-pollution testimonials).

The first cause of engine wear is generated in the first 500 / 1,000 rpm, during start-up.

1 - At each start-up, Mecarun P18 protects the engine against wear and seizure, as it does in racing engines, at critical moments (rupture of the lubrication film). It allows a significant reduction of the oil temperature and of the friction energy generated by the deposits of rubber, varnish and oxidised oil (contributes to fuel savings).
2 - P18 reduces vibrations (second cause of wear). The engine runs better and is quieter.
3 - P18 is combined with the metal of rings, pistons, cylinders, camshafts, connecting rods, etc....
P18 fuses with the crystalline layer of the metal, allowing the metallics to interpose themselves in the friction between engine parts, considerably reducing wear.
The investment in the P18 is more than recouped, due to savings in consumption and maintenance operations.
Mecarun P18 is recommended for all 2 and 4-stroke engines, petrol or diesel, for gearboxes, axles, for degreasing injectors and hydraulic tappets and to prevent seizure of racing engines. Le P 18 is suitable for passenger cars and commercial vehicles, for transport vehicles, for agriculture, industry, marine ...

Lubricating the lower engine of your ethanol-powered car. See how to protect your vehicle when switching from petrol to ethanol.

Watch this video on how to protect your engine.

Incredible anti-wear test carried out with Mecarun P 18 on diesel-powered charter vessels.

Company: INTER CROISIERES  Location de Vedettes Fluviales

Pont de Sireuil 16440 SIREUIL

Annual overhaul of outboards, Volvo Penta 2 and 3 cylinder turbo engine 2000 series.

Here, 6 engines: 2 treated from the beginning with Mecarun and 4 untreated.

The 4 engines without Mecarun show significant scoring on the top of the cylinders (wear of 9 and 12 hundredths of a mm)..

All 6 engines had been ground on the same date. The 2 treated with Mecarun P18 still show traces of machining. The wear measured with the dial gauge is considered negligible compared to the other engines.

Marine and Fisheries, click here

P 18 extends the life of the engine, gearbox, power steering, turbo, reduction gears and axles.

Application: 4 - 6% of the oil volume


Le P 18 augmente la durée de vie des moteurs, boîtes de vitesses et Ponts

Moteur 4 temps : utilisation à 4% du volume d'huile
Compétition: jusqu'à 6% du volume d'huile moteur
Moteur très encrassé: faire un Flush moteur de 500 ml avant la vidange

Mecarun P18 is a permanent treatment of the metal surface

Mecarun P18 follows the reaction of synthetic hydrocarbon metallizers. At the beginning of its manufacturing process, Mecarun P18 is a blend of EP (Extreme-Pressure) metallics composed of natural anti-corrosion ingredients, anti-wear components and antioxidants.

It is equally important to know what Mecarun P18 does not contain. It does not contain chlorinated paraffins, PTFE (Teflon), fluorine, solvents, viscosity optimisers, molybdenum disulphide, zinc, sulphur, graphite or any other solids.

SUMMARY : Le Méca-Run P18 augmente le rendement, la durée de vie et réduit les coûts de maintenance non prévus des moteurs et boîtes de vitesses. Le Mecarun P18 reduces the energy lost in friction and contributes to protecting the environment.

Mecarun P18 is a state-of-the-art permanent anti-friction surface treatment.

Metasliding agents are carried by the oil and adhere to the carbon of the metal, modifying the amorphous layer of the metal (crystalline layer). The layer resulting from the P18 treatment does not exceed one micron, although it maintains its super-sliding and anti-wear function.  The P18 particles in suspension will always make up for the possible detachment of molecules from the layer created when it is subjected to certain circumstantial cuts, so that the engine elements will always remain new..

Benefits of Mecarun P18 in the engine

- Permanent sliding of any metal surface (even without oil pressure).

- Reduced operating temperature at all friction points.

- Rise in compressions as a result of reduced ring vibrations.

- Reduction of oxidation, thermal decomposition, corrosion and wear.

- Low energy demand in hot and cold start-up and under all weather conditions.

- It does not impair the viscosity and does not age the lubricant.

- It has a long-lasting effect.

- Longer adhesion to the metal between oil changes.

- Maintains its protection even when the oil loses its properties or is cut off by the presence of water

- Prevents deposits, combustion residues and abrasive particles from adhering to treated surfaces.

- Reduction of the number of abrasive particulate pollutants in the exhaust, for all types of engines.

S2 F13DwebS2Bouton "Interdiction Gros 4x4 Polluants"Terre pollution01

Pide P18





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