1 – Decarbonization of the EGR Valve without dismantling (satisfied or reimbursed* with the ITVDiésel Anticarbon Pack 39.00 € ttc)

Anti-pollution cleaning prior to the ITV (If you are not satisfied, we will refund your money*).

Decarbonisation EGR valve after anti-pollution control

Satisfied or reimbursed (*see conditions of use)

Instructions for use EGR decarbonisation or anti-pollution.

1 - Get an anti-carbon ITV pack consisting of a bottle of Eco 10,000 250 ml and a bottle of C 99 250 ml Diesel which treats 1,000 litres of diesel.

2 - Decarbonisation of the EGR valve on the road : Pour one Eco 10,000 250 ml into a tank containing 25 litres of diesel + 5 ml of C 99.
Use a double dose of c 99 in the next 3 fills.

« If driving at low speed, in traffic jams or on short journeys» double the dose of C 99.
Very important : Air and diesel filters must be clean, a defective glow plug can also be a cause of poor combustion. 

Mecarun diesel decarbonisation on EGR valve and FAP anti-particulate filters of a Turbo Mégane 300 000 kms, without dismantling them.

42 €

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Satisfied or reimbursed*

Incredible video of the decarbonisation of an engine and EGR valve, supported by technical control on an approved bench.

*If after treating with Echo 10,000 250 ml or a bottle of C 99 or a a Mecarun anti-carbonilla treatment (Click here to see the related page), If you have to pass the MOT, replace the EGR valve or the FAP : Hi-Tec International will reimburse* your bottle of C 99 250 ml or Eco 10.000 250 ml. * The vehicle must have a clean air filter and the diesel filter must have been recently replaced. * Condition valid only for orders placed online or at an official point of sale, and valid for one bottle only and without reimbursement of shipping costs.
* You must have a copy of the purchase invoice for the product, a copy of the FAP or EGR valve replacement and a copy of the MOT rejection note for excessive pollution.

Eco 10,000 or decarbonisation with Hydrogen.

The hydrogen genesis combined with the intake air allows the char to enter into combustion in the upper part of the engine, just as Eco 10 000 does. If it is cleaned with hydrogen, unlike Eco 10 000, it is no longer present in the exhaust gases, which can no longer contribute to the regeneration of the PAF.

Eco 10000 is also a hydrogen-based cleaner, except that its hydrogen molecules are captive and liquid under atmospheric pressure. Eco 10 000 is easy to use and does not require a machine. Simply pour it into the tank.

Decarbonisation of the particulate filters (FAP) : Eco 10 000 and C 99 travel in the fuel towards the injectors, until they are released in the exhaust gases, thus allowing the regeneration of the EGR and the FAP (this does not happen in the case of decarbonisation by hydrogen).

The Eco 10 000 and C 99 then go on to cause a super combustion which cleans the EGR and regenerates the Fap, safely removing the carbon via the exhaust, due to the pressure of the exhaust gases and the fact that, when driving on the road, the airflow ventilates and cools the underside of the car perfectly.

The dosages of Eco 10 000 in decarbonisation mode and those of the C 99 are backed up by the lack of incidents in the thousands of decarbonisation operations carried out. This is attested by the results obtained in the decarbonisation of engines, Fap, Egr and turbo confirmed by the MOT gas checks which our customers have successfully passed...

Mecarun A.I.C. cleaning of butterflies, air intake ducts, EGR valve and combustion chamber.

A.I.C. leads to a more stable fuel/fuel mixture than with hydrogen through the air intake, regardless of the operating temperature of thermal engines, which avoids damaging the health of the segments.

Example of perfect diesel combustion thanks to C 99 Diesel

Dechambre-206Anti-pollution readout with 0,50 on the opacimeter

Peugeot 206 Diesel 1999, 262 000 km

0.50 on the opacimeter reading at the MOT, well below what is stipulated for these engines. A vehicle with FAP is rejected with 1,5 points. With EGR valve and turbo, 3,0 points.

The perfect combustion achieved with C 99 at every fill-up reduces fuel consumption and avoids the need to replace the FAP and EGR.

A clean engine consumes less fuel, a super-clean engine saves every drop of diesel fuel, which saves your money from going down the drain and polluting the environment. You will also avoid costly breakdowns - all savings!

Decarbonisation of the FAP (particulate filter) : Click here for FAP cleaning page


How to pass the ITV gas control

Controle trafic 025Identical treatment for EGR decarbonisation

Up to 60 % below ITV parameters,  Either satisfied or reimbursed** (see conditions).

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Very important : Air and oil filters must be clean.

Pide aquí Engine Flush

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Engine Flush Decarbonises the rings and the rest of the engine and gearbox lubrication circuit. It restores compression, increases combustion chamber sealing and prevents gases from escaping through the rings into the crankcase with their harmful consequences.

P18 Antifriction protects the engine, gearbox and power steering from wear. Reduces vibration of the rings and helps to reinforce compressions and obtain more power.

Order the ITV Diesel anti-carbon pack here. Either satisfied or reimbursed

Checking fuel consumption reduction :

- Fill the tank, reset the odometer to zero and refill it at the same petrol station (the inclination of the tank creates an air pocket in the tank, which can interfere with the fuel consumption measurement). It is also important to ensure that the air and fuel filters are kept clean to avoid fuel consumption and carbon build-up.


Différence entre le C 99 et l’Eco 10 000 :

Le C 99 nettoie par la parfaite combustion. L’Eco 10 000 nettoie le circuit de carburant, les injecteurs et la pompe à injection, filtre et réservoir.

co2 written in the clouds in a clear blue sky




Internal view of a particulate filter, before and after decarbonisation.

Decarbonisation of the FAP with Eco 10.000 deMecarun, covering 100 kms. The alarm goes off after 50 kms.

Decarbonisation FAP or EGR valve,

Passing the ITV control ->

If you are not satisfied, we will reimburse you

Un taller hace el Seguimiento semanal del descarbonizado de una válvula EGR

Difference between C 99 Eco 10 000

C 99 cleans for perfect combustion.

Eco 10 000 cleans the fuel supply circuit, injectors, injection pump, filter and tank.

* Conditions O Satisfied or refunded.

Passing the ITV gas control

EGR valve decarbonisation

Particulate Filter Decarbonisation

If after treatment with Echo 10,000 250 ml or one bottle of C 99 or one bottle of C 99 or one If you have a Mecarun anti-carbon treatment (see related page), you must pass the MOT test again, replace the EGR valve or the FAP : Hi-Tec International will reimburse* your bottle of C 99 250 ml or Eco 10.000 250 ml. * The vehicle must have a clean air filter and the diesel filter must have just been replaced. * Condition valid only for orders placed online or at an official point of sale, and valid for one bottle only and without reimbursement of postage and packaging.
* You must have a copy of the purchase invoice for the product, a copy of the FAP or EGR valve replacement and a copy of the MOT rejection note for excessive pollution.

Order here the ITV Anti-Carbonisation Pack for EGR and Particulate Filters

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O Satisfied or reimbursed (see conditions)


Evite tener que sustituir EGR (around 400 €) or FAP (800 - 1500 €) OR Satisfied or reimbursed **
Control gases ITV : Hasta 60 % inferior a normativa en  vehículos sinFAP
Either ITV Success or reimbursed (*see conditions).
..Pinche aquí para pedir el PAck ITV Anticarbonilla Diésel 

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O Satisfied or reimbursed (see conditions)


Nuevo   ITV Decarboniser + Diesel Intake Pack

Anti-Carbon Pack FAP "Particulate Filter" EGR Valve, Turbo with variable geometry, together with AIC Air Intake Cleaner.

A clean engine needs a clean intake for clean combustion.

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A workshop performs the weekly monitoring of the decarbonisation of an EGR valve.

What is the difference: Decarbonisation or keeping an EGR valve clean.



Example of perfect combustion

Renault trafic 260 000 Kms, using C 99 from the first kilometre : opacimetry at 0,25 in Diciember 2013 (the limit of rejection according to ITV regulations is 3).

Condition of EGR valve and intake: perfect.
It should be noted that on this vehicle, the EGR valve has done its job perfectly, from day one, to burn the NOx (nitrogen dioxide), when most other vehicles are gradually increasing their pollution index.

The C 99 is the benchmark for anti-pollution and anti-carbon in EGR valves and FAPs (see testimonials).

Pollution equals money down the drain. C99 is eco-driving and fuel saving, with more kilometres for the same amount of fuel.

You also have the opportunity to contribute to the reduction of Co², which is responsible for the greenhouse effect that warms the planet and causes the current meteorological and humanitarian catastrophes.


Low speed driving. Short distances and cold starts. Delays and urban traffic.Mecarun is sure of the result and offers the following guarantee:
" Either satisfied or reimbursed "*conditional on the application of the FAP or EGR valve decarbonisation procedure.Bouton "Interdiction Gros 4x4 Polluants"



Citroën C 5 Diesel Bi-turbo with FAP 176 300 Kms, no carbon build-up in FAP. No urea top-up .Testimonial about the treatment of my Citroën C5 Exclusive 2.2 HDI 173 Ch, Bi-Turbo engine:
I bought this vehicle second hand with 96 000 km at the beginning of 2008.
Since then I have been using C99 on every fill-up and occasionally P18. Now, at the beginning of 2012, it has 176 300 Km and runs with the same original FAP and I have never needed to add urea.
I should point out that I have NEVER had the FAP warning light come on. At the 4-year MOT check, the gas reading was the minimum possible, C1: < 0,50 y C2: < 0,50 When I fill up the tank again, I plan to use Eco 10,000 for the first timevoiture galichetvoiture propre

And for the next oil change, I plan to use P18 as well. Bruno Galichet
37800 PORTS

Due to carbon build-up, most Euro 4 vehicles no longer comply with the Euro 4 standard. Thanks to the C 99, the vehicle stays clean and does not pollute ((photos attached).


EGR anti-pollution engine decarbonisation tips

Consejos descarbonización Filtro de Partículas