Mécarun operating instructions for diesel vehicles

 Eco 10 000 Diesel - Injection, EGR, FAP, Turbo Cleaning

1 - Cleaning the EGR valve and the Particulate Filter (FAP) on the road : 

  • Empty the bottle of Eco 10 000 Diesel 250 ml + 1 dose of 20 ml of C99 Diesel into the tank (should contain between 20/25L of diesel). The air filter must be clean or recently replaced. 
  • Drive at 2.500-3.000 rpm on the road or motorway. The first trip should be about 70-80 km. It is adbisable to keep the same rpm until the reserve. 
  •  The EGR valve changes state at about 2,500 rpm, depending on the vehicle make and gearbox gear. For this reason, remember that the EGR valve must be open in order to be cleaned.
  •  If the air intake ducts are dirty, the air will return up to 1 g of fuel for every 15 g of air, so it is also necessary to clean the intake with AIC (Air Intake Cleaning), an operation that reinforces the cleanliness of the EGR air intake. 
  •  Objective when cleaning the FAP (particulate pollutant filter): To prevent the "FAP failure" warning light coming on + to save fuel + to reduce the number of regenerations of the FAP.  
  • If you have to clean on a street circuit, drive at no less than 2,000 - 3,000 rpm, until the "FAP fault" indicator goes out.
  • Once the decarbonisation operation has been completed, clear the FAP fault by means of a professional or code scanner.  .

C 99 Diesel: Metering to save fuel and reduce carbon and pollutant emissions 

20 ml for 40 litres of diesel for city driving and short trips.

10 ml for 40 litres of diesel on the road, (first 3 fills with double dose).


Engine Flush: Cleaning of the engine lubrication circuit

  • With a warm engine: 5% (in relation to the oil volume) to the engine oil sump just before the oil change.
  • Start the engine and let it idle, without moving the vehicle, for 10 - 15 minutes, depending on how dirty it is.
  • Change the oil and filter. Make room for the bottle of P18 Antifriction, together with the new oil.

Engine Flush: Gearbox Cleaning 

  • Drain 10% of the gearbox oil and add the equivalent amount of Engine Flush. 
  • Drive for 100 km over one or more days. At the end, change the gearbox oil (make room for P18 Antifriction (4% for manual and 2% for automatic). 

P18: Metering for diesel engines 

  • 4% of oil volume or 10% of engine displacement (6% in competition). Following gearboxes: 1/2 dose is sufficient
  • Gearbox, axles, reduction gears, multipliers: 4% of the oil volume.
  • Automatic gearbox: 2% of the oil volume.
  • Power steering: 4% of the oil volume 


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