C99 Diesel Saving

C99  Diesel Fuel economy

Compatible with B7 and B10 diesels

How it works  :

C  99 modifies the surface tension of fuel molecules (carbon chain type C6) to obtain a larger contact surface with oxygen and a homogeneous distribution of the oxidant/fuel mixture, resulting in better combustion and improvement in the operating parameters of thermal engines.

C 99 increases the speed of the air/fuel mixture at all engine speeds, hot or cold.  The gas mixture is much more homogeneous at ignition, accelerating the rate of combustion and converting all the fuel into energy. The pollutant gas meters show an incredible decrease of up to 4 times in the Hc and Co measurements.

A clean engine consumes much less fuel:
Up to 100 kilometres more with a full *.
• Save yourself from having to replace EGR, Fap or Turbo!
• Reduce your engine pollution by more than 50% * on Euro 3 vehicles (see testimonials).
• Bacteriostasis (antibacterial).
• Anti-pollution: Co, Co², Hc, Nox, Opacimetry (black smoke): satisfied or reimbursed *.
• Decarbonisation of EGR valves, particulate filters, turbo: satisfied or reimbursed *.
• Engine decarbonisation.
•Pass the pollutant gas control in the ITV: If you are not satisfied we will reimburse you  * .



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Passing the pollutant gas control at the ITV, decarbonisation of FAP and EGR valves.

Regardless of its age, a diesel vehicle using C99 will pass the roadworthiness test with an average opacimeter reading of 0.50 points (in passenger cars or users). Mecarun is able to offer the following guarantee:

Satisfied or reimbursed*

*If after using a bottle of Eco 10 000 250 ml or C 99 which treats up to 1 000 litres of fuel or a bottle of C 99 which treats up to 1 000 litres of fuel or  a Mecarun decarbonisation treatment (see corresponding page),You must pass the MOT test again, replace the EGR valve or FAP particulate filter: In this case Hi-Tec International will reimburse* your bottle of C 99 250 ml or Eco 10 000 250 ml. * In this case, the vehicle must be fitted with a clean air filter and a fresh diesel filter. * Condition valid only for online orders or orders placed through an authorised sales outlet, for one bottle only and without postage and packaging.
* You must have the purchase invoice and, if applicable, the invoice for the replacement of the EGR or FAP, as well as a copy of the rejection of the pollutant gas control from the ITV.

Less pollution means less fuel consumption.



Allows for finer atomisation of the fuel (fogging).
• Increases the velocity of the mixture of oxygen and hydrocarbons.
Reduces the presence of sludge in the fuel tank (diesel).
• Reduces gum and varnish deposits in petrol.
Increases the speed of the flame front.

Metering on road and mixed routes

•10 ml for 40 litres - 15 ml for 60 litres - 20 ml for 80 litres

Dosage on urban circuits and short distances.

•Vehicles with FAP, EGR valve with carbon deposits: 1.5 with double dose of C 99

how to pass the MOT test

Avoid replacing EGR (400 to 600 € uro) or FAP (800 to 1500 € uro).

MOT gas control: up to 60% below the maximum tolerated standards, MOT success

C 99 is the preventive anti-carbon solution for EGR, FAP and Turbo valves, thanks to perfect combustion.

Dosing bottle with easy-to-use nozzle


Instructions for use: use every time you fill up with fuel.

• Unscrew the cap of the dispenser, screw the nozzle onto the bottle and push the bottle until the C 99 is up to the dispenser. Then pour the contents into the tank of the car.

How to pass the pollutant gas control.
How to pass the ITV

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With the Mecarun Anti-Carbon Diesel ITV pack,
If you are not satisfied, we give your money back
On diesel vehicles of any age

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How to understand the C 99:

C 99 contains an antibacterial that will keep the diesel free of micro-organisms and sludge. C 99 generates a finer injection beam, thus achieving what is considered perfect combustion (see testimonial pages for exceptional results in pollution reduction and fuel economy with a dose of C 99 at every fill-up).

1 - C 99 minimises carbon build-up in the engine (saves replacing the FAP, EGR valve, Turbo and costly intake duct cleaning, etc.).
2 - C 99 prevents sludge and bacteria in the tank and prevents seizure of pumps and injectors.
3 - C 99 saves even more fuel in older vehicles and helps to keep the engine cleaner (see testimonials).
4 - C 99 at each fill-up prevents your engine from seizing (double dosing on urban circuits).

Total security in the quality of your fuel

C 99 helps the fuel to meet all quality controls in the petroleum products regulations.

C99 has been verified by a COFRAC approved laboratory.

Technical control reports of pollutant gases in authorised centres.

Consumption reduction measures certified by professional and private users.

• C 99 modifies the surface tension of the fuel molecules (carbon chain type C6) in order to obtain a homogeneous distribution of the oxidant/fuel mixture which improves combustion and optimises engine parameters. C99 is not a fuel additive according to regulations / Art. 236 of the customs code.

• The C 99 allows for better fuel nebulisation, which increases the surface area in contact with oxygen and allows for better combustion (video below).

•  C 99 increases the flame front velocity for better deflagration, as demonstrated by anti-pollution tests on vehicles of all ages.

•  The part of the fuel that was previously wasted is now used to add energy to your engine. Your vehicle consumes less fuel, pollutes radically less and stays cleaner, even in city traffic.

• C 99 reduces fuel consumption (see user testimonials).



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